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This is how the lovely team at Boss Digital UK based said goodbye to one of their team mates at her leaving do at Escape in 60.   Poor girl, she must be glad to be leaving them, ha ha.  Seriously, though, they actual had great fun Escaping the Castle, certainly judging by the laughter emanating from the room.

Catherine, who booked the room left a fabulous 5 star review on Trip Advisor “Great team bonding exercise.  Really great fun – Kathryn was a fantastic host.  Perfect option for a team outing – we often struggle to find things that are suitable for the whole team, but it’s safe to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We will be definitely be booking another room in the near future!”

An escape room is a perfect team-building activity.  Whether your team is a new one or been working together for years, doing something fun together can prove very valuable.  You won’t necessarily all be best of friends after an escape room, but sharing memories and having fun can give you something to fall back on during stressful times in the workplace.  These memories can bring a team together and maybe even set the tone for future team projects.

So why not put your team together and come and have a go if you think you’re brave enough?

We can accommodate up to 24 people at one time in our three physical escape rooms, but can also offer our corporate mobile game Espionage, where we bring the escape room experience to you.

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