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Assemble your team from family,
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The Room

You will be shut in a room for 60 minutes.  Inside will be puzzles to solve and clues to find

Every Minute Counts

Race against the clock as you decipher, decode and disentangle the mysteries of the room to escape

What is an Escape Room?

If you've ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, and love solving mysteries and spotting clues when you watch television or films, then imagine you are doing this for real.

You and your team will be shut in a room for 60 minutes. Inside the room will be puzzles to solve and clues to find, so you’ll need to bring your brain with you and keep your eyes peeled at all times.  It will be the quickest 60 minutes of your life.

Your team will work together (or not) to determine whether the clues you find are going to lead to your escape, or whether they are just a red herring put there to distract you.   Every minute counts in Escape in 60.  You’ll need to decipher, decode and disentangle the mysteries of the room, and deal with the dilemmas that await you.

And, if you need help, our Games Master is there to give you clues.It’s a totally interactive and immersive experience, requiring logic, problem solving, teamwork and communication.  You’ll be buzzing at the end of the hour and may well become an escape room addict!


2 Players

£25 per person

3 Players

£23 per person

4 Players

£22 per person

5-10 Players

‍£20 per person

An excellent time had by all during a work team building event. The quality of the room was great and some unexpected technical elements made it really cool and genuinely clever. This is a high quality experience!


Would really recommend. Escaped the Castle with 3 teenagers and myself. They did all the hard work! Lots to be challenged at - but achieved with some gentle hints when needed. Will certainly try their other rooms.


Kathryn did an AWESOME job hosting our work team event. We all had a blast and this was one of the more creative escape rooms I've been to.


This was such a great thing to do as a family. We all loved this. We were pretty useless at some of the challenges but had some great clues thrown our way. Really great experience and loved seeing our teenagers so engaged. Would definitely go again for another one.


Kathryn was extremely helpful when booking and was a lovely games master for the event. It was my daughter's 11th birthday and I wanted to do something different. The girls really enjoyed it - waiting outside I could hear the excitement and tension as the seconds were ticking down! It was declared the best birthday ever!!


We had 2 birthday parties here today (one child's 8th and one adult). Booking was made very easy by Mike. The children's room was very engaging and adjusted to their age. The adult's room was very well thought and interesting. The clues/challenges were set just right. I can't say anything negative. Well done Escape in 60!

The Thorpes

We were greeted by Mike who explained everything. Some challenging clues to work out. Mike gave timely prompts which helped us stay on track, so we had a sense of achievement. Well organised. Would recommend. Thanks Mike


We had 10 girls on a hen do so split into two teams and did two rooms. Mike and Kathryn met us and were fantastic from start to finish. The rooms were perfect for our audience. The rooms were very clever, very thought provoking and entertaining. We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend for any occasion!

Miss Oxtoby

My daughter and her friends had an amazing time at her party today. They came out buzzing and all agreed that their first escape room experience was a brilliant one!


We visited as a family with children 8, 11 and 16 and had so much fun trying to Escape the Castle. Kathryn was a brilliant games master prompting us along the way, and who would have known that the youngest would be so good at challenges!


Did Escape the Castle with a friend and thought it was great! Extremely friendly and welcoming staff and a well-designed room. Couldn't have asked for a better experience and we will be back for the other games.


We played Escape the Castle today and managed to escape with 5 minutes remaining. We've done around 30 escape rooms before this and this was up there with some of the best ones. The ending is really clever and it was great to see different puzzles.


We Escaped the Castle for my son's 17th birthday, with two adults and a 13 year old. It was our first experience and we loved it! Really well thought through with great props. There are so many clues that you are all involved in and need to work through together. The finale is really clever!!


Went to celebrate a family birthday with "kids" in their 20's. Mike was there to greet us and was a friendly host throughout. It was a great indoor activity as it was pouring with rain on the day! The escape room was challenging for us all, so the hour flew by. Really recommend it. The clues were tricky to decipher and we all got involved. Great fun!!


We Escaped the Castle for my 14 year old's birthday and it was a great way for two adults and an 11 year old to spend a fun hour. My daughter said it was the best escape room she has done. Mike was really good at setting the scene beforehand, which made the experience even better. Would really recommend this as something new to do in Windsor.

Honest Reviews

Held my daughter's 10th birthday party at The Curse of the Lost Chamber. Kathryn was brilliant from start to finish. Excellent communication. Calmed a very nervous child on the day and the kids all said they had a great time. Will be back to try the Castle as a family very soon. Thanks for all your help.