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Escape the Castle

As a history professor researching old legends of Windsor Castle your recent discovery of a hidden diamond necklace made you famous. However, last night everything changed when your assistant and the necklace disappeared from your locked office. The castle guards refuse to believe your innocence.  Now locked in the same office the only way to clear your name is to find the secret exit that you had both been researching.  You have 60 minutes!

THIS GAME IS SUITABLE FOR: Seasoned escapees; first time escapees, and for ages 10 upwards.  (At least one adult must be present with a group of children aged 8 to 16). If you wish to bring children aged 8 - 10 then they will be able to help find clues but may not be able to help with solving all of the puzzles. 

We can tailor the clues for first time escapees and for a younger audience, provided we know this ahead of the game.


If you wish to book for a larger party then do please give us a call on 01753 396322 to discuss. 

PLEASE NOTE:  See our Safety Guidelines to find out who and how many people can currently play.