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The Amber Room

As a lifelong explorer and treasure hunter you’ve always been fascinated by the fate of the Amber Room.    Estimated to be worth half a billion dollars at today’s prices, the whereabouts of the Amber Room has long been a mystery, since its disappearance from Russia during the chaotic last months of WW2.

Theories abound as to what happened to the Amber Room, including that it lies at the bottom of a mineshaft or in a lake in central Europe.  But you believe it remains largely intact and exists today in a private collection somewhere.

Investigating a tip off about its location, you arrange to meet a couple of other treasure hunters.  Before the meeting takes place however, you are drugged in a bar and now find yourself in great peril, locked in a bunker.   

You will need to trace the history of the original gang members who stole the Amber Room in 1945 to discover what happened to it, and to save your skin!  Will you solve one of the great mysteries of the 21st Century and Escape in 60?

Suitable for ages 12 upwards.  At least one adult must be present with a group of children between ages 12 and 16.