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The curse of the lost chamber in 60 minutes

A trip to the Valley of Kings in Egypt, sees you and your friends exploring one of the great Pyramids, but when a wall collapses you become separated from the rest of your group. You accidentally discover the burial place of the child emperor Magsood - which has been lost to mankind for a century. You have heard people speak of the hidden treasure sealed in with Magsood and of the curse upon the chamber, which is said to protect it. The curse says that anyone entering the chamber has just 60 minutes to explore the secrets that lie within, before it is sealed again for another 100 years. Can you put Magsood’s tomb back in order and break the curse?

This game is perfect for young children ages 7 -12 and for birthday parties. However, we can tailor clues to make this a game suitable for families or all adults, provided we know ahead of the game.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a live games master in the room with you.