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We love entertaining children at Escape in 60, and our birthday parties are guaranteed to get children talking at school the next day!

Escape the Castle is suitable for birthday parties from 4 - 8 players.  The minimum age is 8 years old.  We can tailor the clues in the room where necessary to make it age appropriate.  We will need a responsible adult in the room with the children.

The Curse of the Lost Chamber is ideal for children from ages 7 to 12, and for 4 to 10 players.  There will be at least one live Games Master in the room during our birthday parties, to run the party and to ensure that everyone gets involved and has a fun filled 60 minutes. Mums and dads can relax in the café whilst we run the party for you.

We include a small gift for all children attending, and a present for the birthday child.  There will be a photo opportunity after each party.

Speak to either Kathryn or Mike to discuss your individual requirements on 01753 396322

Party Food

Windsor Leisure Centre can offer room hire (subject to availability) for you to feed your party guests either before or after their escape room experience.   You can either: order hot or cold food from the Leisure Centre Café; bring your own food; or supplement the food provided by the Leisure Centre Café.   The choice is yours.

We will liaise with the Catering Supervisor at the Leisure Centre to find out if there is a room available for you, and then leave it to you both to organise and pay for the room hire and food options.


We have some great party invitations available for you to download and print yourself.

I really loved this escape room, so exciting and will go again!

John Doe

Definitely the best escape room I've been to, tricky but we managed to get out!

Jane Smith